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Head Architect Career


Yoonkyung Rho received his bachelor degree in Architecture from the University of Seoul in 1983, followed by a Masters of Landscape Architecture from the National University of Seoul in 1988. While completing his masters studies he worked as an architect at “Studio Gwangjang”, later founding his own practice, WooriDongin Architects, in 1994. He has held teaching positions at a number of institutions, including: adjunct professorship at Seoul National University of Science and Technology and lecturer at Ewha Womans University. He was a member of the board of directors at Korean Institute of Architects(2008~2012), and is actively involved as an invited juror at local and municipal institutions. Currently, practices architecture as both a public architect for the city of Seoul municipality and the President at WooriDongin Architects Inc., actively designing various projects.

1997 Gangdong-gu Best Architecture Award(Jindo Park View Mansion)
2006 Dongdaemun-gu Excellent Architecture(Dondaemun-gu Digital Library)
2009 Minister of Culture-Sports Prize
2015 Seoul Excellent Architecture Prize(Sunnongdan Historic Culture museum)
          Korean Excellent Space-Culture Prize(Sunnongdan Historic Culture Park)

2017 Seoul Excellent Architecture Prize(University of seoul Music Hall)



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